Tuesday’s Blog

Today is the last day of class! Im going to miss this class. Im so used to coming here everyday and now i’m finished, that’s kind of a scary thought! I hope you have a great summer, you really are an amazing teacher and I enjoyed having you this year. I have definitely learned a lot.


Tuesday’s Blog

Today I think i’m finished with my poster for the wall unless I decide to change something or add something. I created it in photoshop. It is a design of my own. I got some of the things in my picture (for example; the cross, the hearts, and the “BE” picture) from google. The background I made with the paint brush and I also used curves on the picture of me.

Here is what my picture looks like.


Thursday’s Blog

Today I made my guest blog. Including details like why I like to work in photoshop and what kinda of tools I like to use and why I like to use those tools. I also included some pictures to show examples of how I use the tools. I also included a couple of more picture just to show examples of some of the pictures I edited before and after. I think for the most part I explained what I like in photoshop. Tomorrow I plan to take my brain bench test that I wasn’t able to take earlier.